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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Walmart deals: Thanks Jessi

A fan of mine, went to Walmart and snagged these deals! Thanks Jessi for sharing them with me!
She used the $3/1 for the travel size 3 in 1 Complete giving her overages of 2.00 each to add to her order,
She found the febreeze travel size on clearance for 1.00 and used 1.00 off Any Febreeze spray..(not the cans) She got all the puffs for a total of $1.47. She used 2 .50 off puffs coupons, and 1 for free puffs up to 1.99!! She also bought the Secret Dodorant Travel Size and used the $2.00 off Any Secret Clinical, and the White cloud was posted earlier! The Spic N Span is .97 cents and she used .50 coupon and got it for 47 cents!

SHE GOT $95.00 worth of stuff for 27.00! She had food also and coupons, all in all this was a GREAT TRIP! Thanks for sharing with me!!!


Jessi said...

Wow I made it to your blog! So glad you could use it! Hope it helps out anyone that may need it! Dont forget about Wags and the Right Guard with all the boys in your house you will need! Plus who can pass 2 bodywashes for free! Well more if you have more than 1 coupon. Plus the deoderant is the same for the right gaurd. I got 4 of each! Love ya!!!!

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