Printable Coupons!

Coupon Basics What To Clip

I know a lot of people are skeptical on clipping and using coupons. Do they really work?  Can I really buy name brand items for .25 cents or get them free?  The answer is yes!  Coupon clipping is not only like a scavenger hunt, but it is actually a lot of fun!

I start by clipping any and all new coupons online, in my inserts, and my Sunday papers! Then I match them up with deals at my local CVS, WALGREENS, TARGET & WALMART ads.  This does take time, but is well worth the effort. When starting out it is best to only clip the coupons you know you will use. Clipping every coupon at first will overwhelm you. Later you can clip all coupons and find sites to trade them on, or trade them with friends and family. Buy One Get One free Coupons are very handy! So remember to clip these for sure, if a store has a BOGO sale, and you can use your coupon, you pay no money out of pocket!

I then go through each store ad to see if they have any store coupons, and clip those.  You are allowed to use ONE MANUFACTURE coupon and ONE STORE coupon per item, so say I have a $1.00 off coupon on Charmin tissue from manufacture, and Walgreens has $1.00 off in their ad, I can use both for 2.00 off total!

I then go through my binder to see if I have any extra coupons that will go with my ads and new coupons I just clipped and match them up.  (We will talk about the binder on another page) .

MAKE A LIST!  I make a list for each store, then I take all my coupons for that store along with the ad and put them in my accordian parts of my binder. So each store has their own ads and coupons in one slot!

Then off to the stores I go, always take your binder, cause there may be clearance items that you have a coupon for and it really comes in HANDY!

Watch all store ads to matchup coupons, or you can visit me COUPON FRENZY MOM ON FACEBOOK. I usually have matchups or my site at


Now it’s time to get organized!