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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Save money on Printing Coupons.

The first few times I started to print coupons, I got excited and printed every coupon that looked good! Well this took alot of ink and paper. So now I have made a few adjustments to my coupon printing, to help reduce ink and paper!

First I only print the coupons I know i will use, don't print the ones you won't use. This saves alot of ink and paper. Second. I try to print 3 coupons per page, say i am on I select 3 coupons and print them, that way you are only using 1 sheet of paper for 3 coupons.  If I only need 1 coupon, I take a sheet of paper and cut it in half, that way the coupon prints, and you won't have all the extra room to print their "ads" on, this will help save on ink too!..Some of them print a huge ad under their coupon, so to avoid this, I use half sheets.
Hope this helps save some of you ink and paper!!


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