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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Coupon Clutch!

So I got my coupon clutch in today and I must Say I LOVE IT!!!  This is so much easier than lugging a big binder around! as you can see it is a covered 2 inch binder in really cool patters, that carries like a tote! It velcros to open up any lay in your cart...THESE ARE AVAILABLE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY WEBSITE PAGE! They are 29.95 For the Covered Binder only, you can add inserts etc but I used my own, I transferred them from my binder, it's cheaper to buy and use your own inserts!


Anonymous said...

That is really cute. I want one!

Coupon Frenzy said...

I LOVE IT! you can order it from the right side of my of my affiliates! You can also sign up for an affiliate with them ..this thing is amazing, and it is more fashionable than carrying a binder lol

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