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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stacking Coupons for the better deal!

I started couponing about 2 months ago and let me tell you, I never had all the name brand items in my house until now!. The Secret? Clipping and stacking coupons!!!

Each week I start out looking for any and all deals I can find, Via in store ads, online and wherever I can look. I subscribed to the local paper and also buy a St Louis Paper, I clip all coupons I will use, even if there isn't a deal for them that particular week.  I keep them all in a binder (see my binder section)

The trick to getting the best deals are to stack coupons, and by this I mean a store coupon (walgreens, cvs, target etc...and a manufacture coupon used together.  A scenario I came across last week for instance

Target had Vaseline Lotion on sale for 2.69. I had a 1.00 off target printable coupon  and a 1.00 off manufacture coupon, which made it .69 cents when I used both!...That is stacking coupons!

I also get the ads for the following week and match them with any coupons I have and try to find a store or manufacture coupon to stack it with!...some coupons are just too good not to use by themselves, for instance I had (4) $3.00 off tide stain release, and walmart has them for 3.96, so yep, I bought four of them at 96 cents each. 

Keeping coupons until they expire is ideal, just in case a deal pops up, and target and walgreens bot have clearance items NOT in the weekly ad, so always take your coupon binder with you!.

Happy Couponing!!


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